Working Groups

GP2 brings together specialists from a range of disciplines who are driven by the same goal of improving the understanding of the genetic architecture of Parkinson’s disease (PD). GP2 governance is led by a Steering Committee and over 10 Working Groups that are responsible for the operations and implementation of this large program. Please browse the list of Working Groups and the directory to find details about members that can help support participation in GP2 in your region. 

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Steering Committee

The steering committee is led by Andrew Singleton, PhD and Cornelis Blauwendraat, PhD, of the National Institutes of Health along with an international team of scientists and researchers.

Underrepresented Populations Working Group

The Underrepresented Populations working group, led by Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Mata, Shen-Yang Lim, Artur Francisco Schumacher Schuh, and Olaitan Okunoye, facilitates increased representation and analysis of genetic factors associated with Parkinson’s disease in non-European populations.

Training and Networking Working Group

The Training and Networking working group, led by Alastair Noyce, Sara Bandres-Ciga, and Sumit Dey, promotes training and networking throughout the GP2 project. 


Monogenic Network

The Monogenic Network, led by Christine Klein, Katja Lohmann, and Niccolo Mencacci, is comprised of the Sample Prioritization, Data Analysis, and Portal Development working groups, and studies patients and families with a mutation in a single gene causing Parkinson’s disease.

Sample Prioritization Working Group

The Sample Prioritization working group, led by Christine Klein and Kishore Kumar, prioritizes samples based on the input from the monogenic portal.

Data Analysis Working Group

The Data Analysis working group, led by Zih-Hua Fang, carries out core analyses to identify the genetic basis of monogenic forms of Parkinson’s disease.

Portal Development Working Group

The Portal Development working group, led by Enza Maria Valente and Shen-Yang Lim, created, and run the Monogenic Portal.


Complex Disease Network

The Complex Disease Network, led by Andrew Singleton and Cornelis Blauwendraat, coordinates the complex arm of GP2, comprised of the Cohort Integration and Data Analysis Working Groups.

Cohort Integration Working Group

The Cohort Integration working group, led by Huw Morris, Hirotaka Iwaki, and Manuela Tan, assembles clinical and genetic data from new and existing cohorts for analysis to understand risk factor genes.

Data Analysis Working Group

The Data Analysis working group, led by Mike Nalls and Hampton Leonard, manages the maintenance, democratization, and acceleration of analyses, and provides analytical support for investigators with approved projects.

Operations and Compliance Working Group

The Operations and Compliance working group, led by Tatiana Foroud and Justin Solle, facilitates sharing of GP2 data and samples through developing resources, tools, and templates.

Data and Code Dissemination Working Group

The Data and Code Dissemination working group, led by Bradford Casey and Mary Makarious, works to enable open science by sharing meaningful data, analytical code, and results.

Project Proposal, Approval, and Execution Working Group

The Project Proposal, Approval, and Execution working group, led by John Hardy, conducts committee review of project proposals to enable efficient project execution.