GP2 Generated Tools

GP2’s working groups assemble clinical and genetic data based on clinical information and biosamples of participating GP2 sites. More information about this data can be found in our Cohort Dashboard, Monogenic Resource Map, and Monogenic Portal.

Cohort Dashboard

Our cohort dashboard provides a real-time look at each cohort within the GP2 network, including their location, number of samples for genotyping (completed and expected), as well as the ancestral breakdown of completed samples. This dashboard is made possible by the work of GP2 members around the globe. All completed datasets get shared through the secure AMP® PD platform.

Monogenic Resource Map

The Monogenic Resource Map provides an inclusive online look at all GP2 or GP2-affiliated centers focusing on monogenic Parkinson’s disease research. Here you’ll find participant numbers, detailed clinical research, as well as clinical trial activities and facilities.

Monogenic Portal

Focused on studying early-onset cases of PD, cases with a family history, or atypical clinical presentations, the Monogenic Portal offers a user-friendly web-based platform. This allows researchers from around the globe to contribute and share samples and key insights.

Looking for more?

Check out our resources page for additional information and guidance on generating resources.