About GP2

GP2 is a program aiming to further understand the genetic architecture of Parkinson’s disease (PD) through genotyping diverse patient groups and studying rare familial forms of PD. GP2 is committed to global collaboration and open data, and will provide training and resources to scientists and clinicians across the globe.

A Global Effort

GP2 will use cutting-edge techniques to analyze data and samples from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the American continent. These efforts will transform our understanding of the genetic basis of PD across diverse populations, including those currently underserved in research, thereby addressing a large gap in our knowledge of PD. GP2 will also study rare familial forms of PD with detailed gene discovery efforts toward identification of novel disease-causing genes and mutations.

Our Vision for GP2

This study will engage existing global consortia and cohorts to expand genetic analysis efforts with samples from hundreds of thousands of people, including those with PD, people at risk of PD, and control volunteers. The resulting data will aim to provide new biological understanding, greater genetic resolution, better disease risk profiles, and data-driven insights into the full spectrum of PD. GP2 will also provide training and resources to a broad, diverse base of scientists and clinicians around the globe.

Openness + Collaboration

GP2 is the first resource project from ASAP, who have developed an ambitious roadmap to tackle key scientific challenges in PD by supporting meaningful, multidisciplinary collaboration; generating research-enabling resources; and democratizing data.

The program will be a valuable resource for the entire neurodegeneration community and will have a significant focus on training the next generation of PD researchers. Underlying data, analytical processes, and results from GP2 will be made available to the research community as quickly as possible, with minimal barriers to access and use.

Collaborate with us

GP2 is a study for research purposes only. This cohort submission form is intended for Principal Investigators of research programs to share information about available data for potential inclusion in the GP2 study. We are inviting form submissions from the start of the study and we will follow-up to learn more about your proposed cohort.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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