These blog posts explore GP2’s work in further understanding the genetic architecture of Parkinson’s disease.

Increasing Underrepresented Hispanic Participation in Parkinson’s and Genomic Research Through the LARGE-PD Study

The Latin American Research Consortium on the Genetics of Parkinson's Disease (LARGE-PD) started in 2005 as a multicenter collaboration across Latin America focused on increasing PD knowledge in these countries.

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Understanding Genetic Implications of the Black and African American Connections to Parkinson’s Disease Study (BLAAC PD)

Over the last two decades, we have witnessed a revolution in the research area of complex genetic diseases, including Parkinson’s disease. Great advances have been made in identifying both causal and risk variants, which have subsequently led to an improved understanding of the molecular pathways involved in disease etiology.

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Building Clinical and Genetic Data for GP2 in the Cohort Integration Working Group

Huw Morris leads the Cohort Integration working group (CIWG). In this blog post, Huw provides an outline of the research on Parkinson’s disease over the last 25 years and shares the plans of the CIWG to harmonize clinical data from research participants to enable large clinical outcomes research.

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Understanding GWAS: Part 2 - Additional Insights and Tips

As a follow-up to the last blog post on Understanding GWAS, the GP2 Complex Disease Data Analysis Working Group has provided practical tips and insights for running your own GWAS.

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GP2 and AMP PD: Platform Partners for Progress in Parkinson’s Research

Adding a layer of compute to connect two massive datasets is where we are headed. Mike Nalls, Hampton Leonard, Matt Bookman, and Eline Appelmans outline the partnership between The Global Parkinson’s Genetics Program (GP2) and Accelerating Medicines Partnership: Parkinson's Disease (AMP PD) to be your one-stop shop for PD genetic and genomic data in this new blog post.

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