GP2 Announces First Data Release
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GP2 Announces First Data Release


GP2 is excited to announce, in collaboration with AMP® PD, our first data release.

The data available in this release consists of 4,908 participants (3,434 PD, 1,474 non-PD) from the CORIELL, Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), and BCM-University of Maryland (UMD) cohorts. Genetically-determined ancestry of GP2 participants is broken into 8 ancestry groups; the table below details the genetically-determined ancestry of participants in GP2 release 1.

Future data releases will continue to grow the diversity of participants available.

To find out how to access GP2 data, please read our blog, “Applying for GP2 Data Access on the AMP® PD Platform”.

We hope this becomes a valuable resource for the Parkinson’s disease research community. We are continuously improving our processes and have many more exciting things to come. You can request access to AMP PD data here. To learn more about the data we are collecting and our progress, visit the cohort dashboard.