Working Group Participant

Prashanth Lingappa Kukkle, PhD

Center for Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders, Manipal Hospital

Dr. Prashanth LK currently runs exclusive Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Clinic in Bangalore, India. He did his clinical movement disorders fellowship with Prof. Anthony Lang and surgical movement disorders fellowship with Prof. Elena Moro. His keen intrerests include Genetics of movement disorders, Continous dopaminergic stimulation therapies (Apomorphine / DBS), Botulinum toxin therapies and Wilson’s diseae. He leads exclusive Tau clinics, Huntington’s Disease Care, and Apo-clinic. Dr. Prashanth LK, is Founding members of the ‘Movement Disorders Society of India’ (MDSI), and has been active in various positions including Website editor, Executive committee member and is currently the treasurer of the the society. He is an active member in International Parkinson and Movement Disorders Society (IPMDS) and is currently on the board of ‘Movement Disorders in Clinical Practice (MDCP)’ journal, ‘Deep Brain Stimulation’ journal, ‘Moving Along’ newsletter, and the ‘Web Editorial Board’. He is currrently the executive committee member of Asian and Oceanic section of International Parkinson and Movement Disorders Society, and member of MDS AOS regional Task Force on Movement Disorders in Asia. Dr. Prashanth LK, is an active member of Parkinson Research Alliance of India and is the principal investigator for pan India study on Genetics of Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (GOPI-YOPD) and Pan India Registry of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PAIR-PSP). He is a member of Global Parkinson’s Genetics Program (GP2;, the goal of which is to facilitate the understanding of genetic architecure of PD across the globe. He has multiple publications in various national and international journals over last two decades with a H-Index of 24+ and i10-Index of 30+.