Lead, Data and Code Dissemination

Bradford Casey, PhD

The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Bradford leads the Foundation’s Genomics, Computational Biology, and Data Science research portfolios, working with other Foundation scientists to develop the Foundation’s research strategy. He collaborates with researchers, clinical leaders, as well as industry partners to develop new resources, apply new technology, and ensure that MJFF research priorities reflect and best serve the ultimate needs of patients. Bradford completed his PhD in neuroscience at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, where he applied new approaches in next-generation sequencing to study the activity of DNA-binding transcription factors in gene expression networks. His postdoctoral research focused on the development and application of novel computational genomics strategies in neuroscience to apply “big data” approaches to biological data sets. Bradford also serves as a scientific liaison to the Accelerating Medicines Partnership (AMP-PD), a public-private consortium focused on leveraging strengths of federal, academic, and industry partners to develop shared research tools and resources for the community. In addition to academic research, Bradford has broad experience working with researchers, legislators, and government agencies on policy initiatives to advocate for patients and neuroscience research.