Black and African American Connections to PD
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Black and African American Connections to PD


The Global Parkinson’s Genetics Program (GP2) launched Black and African American Connections to Parkinson’s Disease (BLAAC PD), as part of our commitment to increase representation in Parkinson’s research and care within communities traditionally underrepresented.

The study’s goal is to create a cohort of more than 2,000 individuals to help genetic researchers understand what Parkinson’s disease (PD) looks like for Black and African American Communities and contribute to a more complete global picture of the condition.

This study is part of a global effort to better understand how genes cause Parkinson’s and impact the disease, as the number of people with PD increases. Genetic research like this is important to answer questions about health and studying genes can help researchers and scientists learn more about diseases and develop treatments.

Black and African American people are valuable partners in research and are invited to join the study. BLAAC PD is piloting outreach at eight sites. We will share more as the study and its recruitment expands. Please contact [email protected] for more information.