Miratul Muqit, MD, PhD

University of Dundee

Miratul Muqit, MD, PhD, is a professor of experimental neurology at the University of Dundee and Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellow. He is an expert in mitochondrial mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease and also treats patients. His lab focuses on understanding the molecular basis of PINK1-mediated Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Muqit contributed to the discovery of PINK1 mutations in hereditary Parkinson’s patients. He also identified ubiquitin and Parkin as substrates of PINK1 and the role of phosphorylation on Parkin activation. He found that PINK1 regulates phosphorylation of a subset of Rab GTPases and solved the first high-resolution structure of PINK1. 

Dr. Muqit earned his medical degree from the University of Edinburgh and his PhD in neuroscience from University College London. He completed neurology residency training in London including at Queen Square. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.