Kallol Gupta, PhD

Yale School of Medicine

Kallol Gupta earned his PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, where his goal was to uncover the molecular diversity present in the venoms of marine cone snails and understand how it impairs the functions of key ion channels and transporters. His postdoctoral work, in Carol Robinson’s lab (Oxford university), led to a transformative advancement that enabled top-down mass spectrometric (MS) analysis of membrane protein-lipid complexes. Application of this approach yielded atomistic understanding of how lipids act as a key signaling molecule to regulate structural and functional organization of membrane proteins.

Dr. Gupta was a fellow of the 1851 Royal Commission, UK. Subsequently, he “crossed the pond” and started his lab in Fall 2018. Combining MS with orthogonal approaches, his lab is focused on developing platforms that enable quantitative analysis of macromolecular protein complexes directly from the cellular environment. Applying this, the lab aims to understand how spatiotemporal organization of membrane protein interactomes regulate cellular physiology.