Coordinating Lead PI

Johan Jakobsson, PhD

Lund University

Johan Jakobsson, PhD, is a professor of neuroscience at Lund University and a core member of the Lund Stem Cell Center. He did his PhD in Lund, Sweden, focusing on development of gene therapy strategies for the brain. After this, he trained as a postdoc at the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, in the lab of Prof. Didier Trono focusing on transposable elements.

His research is focusing on epigenetic mechanisms in the brain. He investigates the role of microRNAs, long non-coding RNAs, and endogenous retroelements in neural stem cells and in neurons. His lab uses in vivo mouse models as well as human stem cell culture models to understand how epigenetics contribute to brain function. In addition, Dr. Jakobsson’s research contributes to the understanding and treatment of several brain disorders such as neurodegenerative disorders, psychiatric disorders, and brain cancer.