Coordinating Lead PI

Dario Alessi, PhD

University of Dundee

Dario Alessi, PhD, is a professor of biochemistry at the University of Dundee and serves as the director of the MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit. He is an expert in studying the regulation and function of protein kinases linked to human diseases. His lab is devoted to understanding the molecular basis of LRRK2-mediated Parkinson’s disease through open and interdisciplinary collaboration. Dr. Alessi contributed to the discovery that the LRRK2 kinase implicated in Parkinson’s disease phosphorylates a subset of Rab GTPases within their Switch-II motif thereby controlling interaction with critical effectors such as RILPL1/2. And he identified the PPM1H phosphatase as the enzyme that counteracts LRRK2 signaling by selectively dephosphorylating Rab proteins.

Dr. Alessi earned BSc and PhD degrees at the University of Birmingham (UK); he completed postdoctoral training at the University of Dundee. He is a fellow of the UK Royal Society and Academy of Medical Sciences.