Sonia Gandhi, PhD

Francis Crick Institute

Sonia Gandhi, BMBCh, PhD, is a group leader at The Francis Crick Institute, London, an MRC Senior Clinical Fellow, and a professor of neurology at UCL, London. Her research program aims to understand cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie Parkinson’s disease. Her laboratory focuses on key processes of protein oligomerization and mitochondrial dysfunction, and adopts a cross-disciplinary approach harnessing biophysics, single cell imaging and induced pluripotent stem cell modelling to interrogate these key processes in human cells and tissue.

She completed a neuroscience degree at Cambridge university, and a medical degree at Oxford University. Her PhD studied the role of PINK1, awarded in 2009 at UCL. In 2014, a Wellcome Clinician Scientist Fellowship enabled an independent research program at UCL, and then at The Francis Crick Institute. As a clinician-scientist, she established the UCL QS Movement Disorders Centre, which leads the translation of scientific discoveries to improved patient care.