Collaborating with GP2

From training opportunities to sharing data discoveries, GP2 is committed to global collaboration and open data that provides needed resources to scientists and clinicians across the globe. By genotyping diverse cohorts from around the world and studying rare familial forms of PD, we aim to further understand the genetic architecture of Parkinson’s disease (PD). Learn more about our training and data resources below. 

Training in Genetics, Data, and Neurology Research

GP2 is committed to training the next generation of researchers with expertise across the spectrum of genetic research. We offer a range of free online learning programs and support for in-person training opportunities.

Our opportunities section highlights training, employment and partner opportunities. 

Our learning platform offers online training courses on a range of topics and is available to all. 

Genotyping and Clinical Data from Global Cohorts

Data from GP2 is available for qualified researchers in academia and industry

This information can be used to accelerate discovery of new genes linked to monogenic Parkinson’s disease and new risk loci for Parkinson’s disease. It can also provide insights into clinical variations as well as deleterious and protective genetic factors.

Our dashboard shares the progress of data releases as genotyping is completed. 

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